• Restaurant interior, bar area
  • Restaurant interior, side view

Jay's Indian Kitchen

About us

Jay’s Indian Kitchen is aptly named, the robust and exciting flavours of this state of India are being served right here in the US. We are a casual fine dine restaurant that wants to transport you to the bustling cities of Northern India.

Discover OUR STORY

The gate opens and a tandoor (clay oven) is fired up in the courtyard. The aroma of baking bread fills the air. The embers from the tandoor create tiny fireworks. In the kitchen, thick and creamy yoghurt is being flavoured with a garlic and ginger paste, salt and turmeric for the marinate. The aroma of freshly ground spices wafts to you. You can smell the cardamom, the star anise, the peppercorns as they are pounded by a pestle. The preparation is for a traditional dinner and the scene here is of a Punjabi household.